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The 2015 Baltimore Uprising: A Teen Epistolary $7.00 Shipping $0.66

Tweets from teens during the Baltimore Uprising. Important and powerful. Compiled by Research and Destroy.   268 pp.

Ain't Shit: $2.00 Shipping $0.66
We need more zines like this! There are so many Punks of Color carving out space, playing in bands, making art and writing about their experiences in the punk scene. This zine reminds me of why I am a fucking punk and why we remain visible and why we are here: for eachother.  This zine is a witty account about all the bullshit he deals with being a Black punk. A for realz laugh out loud step by step piece of how to carve your own space at a punk show. Raw, hilarious and fucking necessary.

Ain't Shit vol. 2 $3.00 Shipping $0.46


"This time I wrote about the constant evolution of Blackness and how I formed my punk identity, wanderlust, and talked shit about white punks and vegans." 

Peter does it again. Hilarious, poignant, relatable. Volume 2 has a theme of "leaving" - leaving cities, leaving countries, leaving punk - and looking forward. Don't sleep on this!

Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land: $2.00 Shipping 0.66
This compilation zine was done with the intent to distribute through the United States and Germany through travels and touring. It was in the hope that it informs people of things that are going on in “Australia”, that they might not have heard about before. There are also immigration nightmares, heinous treatment of refugees, poor conditions in detention centres, institutional and casual racism, but they are not the focus of this compilation. Please research if you want to know more.
The focus of this is the six years of the Northern Territory Intervention and its wider context of systemic displacement, dispossession and genocide of Aboriginal people in Australia. Since colonisation, the Australian Government has been responsible for acts such as the White Australia Policy, and the Stolen Generations, which has been recognised as genocide by international bodies. There are significant disparities in statistics regarding deaths in custody, health, life expectancy, literacy, education, income, welfare, and housing

Amor y Sacrificio $3.00 Shipping $0.46

*Description Coming Soon*

#Art Life: Musings and Advice from a Queer Art Activist of Color: $2.00 Shipping $0.66   
Can I just say that I fucking love Nia King! This zine is the perfect guide for folks trying to live off of their creations. Nia writes about how she quit her job at a full time non-profit job to become a self self-employed art activist and freelance professional. Nia shares all of the wisdom she has gained over the course of the year in this witty, entertainng and informative zine. Great advice on how to present and get your work noticed, how to social effectively use social media, Dos and don'ts, how to treat people you are interviewing and so much more. This zine is a reminder to value the work that you do and to not feel ashamed about needing money. Easy to read.                                 

Art School is Hell: $3.00 Shipping $0.66

 This zine reflects on the frustrations of attempting to create art as a POC in white-dominated communities and schools. Edited by Nia King, "Art School is Hell" contains several contributions from artists of color, including poems, short pieces, and illustrations. As an artist of color, this zine validated the difficulties and loneliness I have faced within art communities.

Birthday Party #1: $2.00 Shipping $0.46
Written by Khris Acosta during her two week Fight Boredom zine residency in Montreal. Khris writes about her trip to Montreal and all of the inspiration she drew from her experience there. So many thoughts and perspectives are packed into this quarter size zine. Included is a piece written about a talk given by Loretta Ross and her critiques, cultural appropriation and white entitlement, navigating love and relationships, her relationships with her family and culture and on assimilation. Birthday Party is a fun read despite the somber tone the zine takes. Khris makes you feel like you are having a one on one conversation with her and it made me want to write her a letter. Ultimately I found the writing relateable and accessible. I can't wait for the second issue!!!

Black Women & Self Care: Thoughts on Mental Health, Oppression, & Healing $4.00 


"This zine is for black women (all self identifying black women) In it, I express my thoughts on mental health, oppression and healing. There is also some DIY recipes included. It was written and hand bound by myself. This zine was self published and printed here in Toronto, this year. The zine is 21 pages long and includes some illustrations by myself on the back and inside cover. The front cover image is from a vintage advertisement for cigarettes. I removed the cigarette. The zine has a blue front and back cover and the rest is black words on white paper."

Borderlands: Tales from Disputed Territories between race and cultures: $2.50 Shipping $0.66

This zine is a collection of short stories, memoirs, drawings, and critical essays that examine the mixed-race label and explores what it means to identify as a specific race at the cost of “erasing” the other parts of oneself. It isn’t an easy read, and it’s not supposed to be; it is a mixture of academic terms we might find in gender studies courses and of personal reflections, or testimonios. The concept of “new racism” is unpacked here, which is described as the history of internalized racism “we face in trying to undo damage done by assimilation in generations past, the racism that negates our right to self-identify and prevents others from seeing us the way we want to be seen, the way we see ourselves.”

The painful theme of answering, “soooo, what are you?” comes up in almost every writer’s story.

Not being enough of one race, or being too much of another is a constant battle. The state of being in flux is a reality mixed-race people of color endure, and we really witness this in these stories. It is hard to describe the tokenism and racial violence when we are seen as one race or color, but also simultaneously seen as a fraud when viewed through the eyes of someone else.

 The privilege of having people see you the way you want to be seen is something that is hard to express to people who are not mixed race people of color. This zine explores what it’s like when you don’t have that, the constant quest to have your identity validated, a battle against erasure.

The beauty of the writers is in their abilities to slide in and out of identities, either by choice or through others’ inclusions and exclusions, and through a diverse range of storytelling, we experience this gift.

Borderlands It's a Family Affair #2: $3.00 Shipping $0.66

The second edition of Borderlands Nia compiles a compelling volume of essays about Mixed Race families. Some of the most moving and beautifully written stories on family life. Each essay is an explanation of complex relationships to family and identity and the different ways each individual experienced family life as a Mixed Race person. Add this to your zine collection ASAP!

Bubby: $1.00 Shipping $0.46

Written by Jolie who writes a ton of different zines, pens this powerful zine about dealing with her families drug and alcohol abuse and her own personal struggles. Jolie speaks from her perspective about her alcohol abuse and how she chose to get her life on track. Bubby explains the events that lead up to her brother's incarceration and the impact in had on her family. Honest, poignant, and powerful read. TW: Drug abuse and intense language

Cats Hate Cops: $4.00 Shipping $0.86

150 years of cats attacking cops. Cute and fun and the only zine about cats I will ever carry.

This is not the fucking "Cats Hate Cops" zine distro and I do not run this distro just to distribute this zine. Research and Destroy asked/chose this distro intentionally to take on a few of it's titles including "Cats Hate Cops." Please take a moment to see what else is here and what this distro is all about.

Also if this zine is currently sold out do not send me emails asking me when it will be available again or if I can email you a special reminder. I will not reply. One person runs this distro and she is very busy. Please be patient while RAD and BRZD restock this title. Thank you for you patience and patronage.

Communique from an Ex-Cop: $3.00 Shipping $0.66

A heavily annotated edition of LAPD killer cop Christopher Dorner’s final statement to the world. Copious footnotes provide extensive historical context for Dorner’s grievances with, and criticisms of, the Los Angeles Police Department. From the rigged internal tribunals to the racket of police overtime to the invention of “suicide by cop” by the university-law enforcement complex, this zine discards the “rambling manifesto” frame advanced by the media and sincerely takes up Dorner’s challenge to journalists to investigate his allegations of an institution rife with corruption, racism, and brutality.
Constantly Coming Out: An Interview with Juba Kalamka By Nia King: $2.00 Shipping $0.46
An amazing interview done by Nia King via her podcast, We Want the Airwaves, with Juba Kalamka. Juba is a best known as a rapper and former member of queer hip hop group Deep Dickollective, writer and performance artist. In this interview he discusses coming out as a black polyamorous bisexual who is married with two kids, transphobia in gay hip-hop, and the ascension of Big Freedia and much much more. Pick this up and check it out.

Cooking with Mama: A Soul Food Recipe Zine: $4.00 Shipping: $0.66

“The kitchen is the soul of the house where the women join in story telling an bonding, and I honestly feel like you can taste it.”
Patricia explains that cooking is a way to express yourself and to communicate with your community. In “Cooking with Mama,” Patricia shares traditional soul food recipes to preserve the ‘legacy in the ladle,’ a knowledge that traveled with the women in her family. With each recipe, she includes a short story about making the dish with these women. Some mouth-watering recipes included: collared greens, fried okra, fried catfish and grits, Willie Bell’s tomato gravy, and Aunt Bettie’s 7Up Cake.

“Empower Yoself Before You Wreck Yoself: Native American Feminist Musings Vol. 1” $3.00 Shipping: 0.66

This first volume of a collaborative project, started by two Navajo women, showcases pieces that create, examine, and define what’s important to them - focusing on decolonization and participation of women in counter-culture. This zine is well-organized and aesthetically-pleasing; Melanie and Amber beautifully balance creative writing pieces, art, manifestos, collages, essays, reflections, and letters of complaint, into a thought-provoking first zine of hopeful many.

destroy the scene: bros fall back $3.00 Shipping $0.66


from the bros fall back site: “Bros Fall Back isn't a "movement". It's not a group you can like or reblog or even join for that matter. There are enough institutions already. The concept isn't generalizable to any other alienated context. It's not a thesis, don't be surprised if it disrupts yr academia. Bros Fall Back was originally just something to put on flyers in hopes of making assholes think twice. It's an oversimplification of a complicated subject. It's a jumping off point for interacting with oppressive behavior rather than ignoring it.”

100% of proceeds go towards the legal defense fund of a trans woman being victimized by completely false charges brought on by a bro, a violent misogynist person (and now cop collaborator) who for too long wasn't kept out of radical spaces. Redesign and reprinting by negatecity.

Fix My Head #3: $5.00 Shipping $ 1.72 
I met the amazing Anna Vo on #raceriottour and fell in love with her and her zines. FMH #3 is a an interview based punk zine with a few other essays about racism, sexism and other articles related to anti-oppression work. This zine focuses on Rad Punx of Color and their thoughts and opinions pertaining to race and the punk zine. I found the interviews to be profoundly inspiring and validating. Knowing that there are other Punx of Color working towards a more diverse and supportive scene. Interviews with: Cristy C. Road, Osa Atoe, Kaila Stone, Mariam Bastani, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Atiah, Daniela Capistrano, Steph Phan, Chris Zizzamia and Stono Caves.
Fix My Head #4: $5.00 Shipping $1.06 
Fix My Head delivers another moving interview zine! Co-edited with Osa Atoe of Shotgun Seamstress FMH creates a space for Punx of Color to have discourse about Punx of Color histories, cultures and scenes internationally. This zine uncovers all that has been buried about Punx of Color histories and scenes. My favorite interview is with Taquila Mockingbird where she discusses the early days of punk in L.A. This zine is packed with interviews and more essays making it a punk rock dream come true. Interviews with: Taquila Mockingbird, Golnar Nikpour, Mars/Aye Nako, Melying Pot Massacre, Daighila and so many more!

Fix My Head #5: $5.00 Shipping $1.06

I love the introduction Anna Vo writes for this zine. Anna writes about immigrating to the United States and the impact it has on her. She questions why she continues to make this zine and other zines. “I am trying to remind myself what I wanted to achieve with this zine in the first place. And here I will state it clearly and transparently. I wanted to use “popular” culture as a window to radical politics. I wanted people to pick up this zine who might not have previously been interested in radical thought, and through the lens of punk or DIY or hardcore or other more accessible mass culture, be exposed to important work people are doing all over the world.” And just that is achieved! Anna creates a beautiful platform for radical folks to share what they have been doing to fight back and create something better for themselves and others. Interviews include: Sara Rene from Native Punx Unite, Cynthia Nishi from Despise You and Gasp, Truth Sarita, Ursula Stuart from Black Queen, Texta Queen, Aborted Society Records, and Brown Recluse Zine Distro (HAAAY!)

Girl Power: Lesson Plans for Feminist Educators $.500 Shipping $0.66

This zine documents the lesson plans for "girl power," a curriculum designed by Brenda Montanzo, **check for spelling** taught to 4th graders at Flynn Elementary in 2015 to build feminist thought in kids. The course culminated in girl power! our voices' zine as the final project, which reflected on the 7 week elective that tackled issues such as: building trust, gender, film and music, body image, our bodies and our minds, zine making, girl hate, etc. The course was also taught to encourage students to become involved with Females Against Violence, a 6-month peer education and leadership program for in-risk Latina and other youth of color. Girl Power was successful, and hopes to be implemented else where to "encourage other educators/peoples to step out of the standardized box and introduce the next generations as early as possible to thoughts of feminism, of patriarchy, of gender equality, body shaming, of community, trust, power, and love."

Grief: Think About the Bubbles #10: $2.00 Shipping $0.46
“Joyce Hatton’s zine Grief opens with “I’m writing about grief because I need to.” Joyce uses writing as a lifeline, a way to cope and reconcile with the various stresses and losses in her life. This zine is written in diary format, and the writing sometimes tender and sometimes angry, but always honest as it articulates her surges of sadness and anger, caused by stressors such as cancer treatment and her mother’s death. Aside from the writing, full of emotion and candor, the zine includes colorful expressions of her complex emotions – such as a drawing of the begonias from her mother’s funeral. I especially liked the self-reflection in the end, which goes, “Soemtimes I feel like my grief will never end. I’m so happy though, because today I feel like I made some progress in my grief. And I’m so happy because my grief has put me so in touch with life.”
Going Places: The Realities of Being Native $3.00 Shipping $0.66
Kesheena writes: "My intent in making this zine is to help elucidate the Native American experience. So often, friends and strangers alike have asked me naive questions about Indians. This is largely due to the scarcity of factual information of Native Americans and the prevailing stereotype of the Indian." The zine starts out with Native American issues and history where Kesheena gives a quick over view of the basics of Native folks culture and history. Kesheena pens an emotional open letter to her future son, which illustrates the difficulties of navigating Native stereotypes. Also included are thoughts on the Hopi Paris Auction and Pendleton and much much more. Going Places is smart, well-written and accessible. Do your self a favor and get this zine.
Going Places: Powwow Country: $3.00 Shipping $0.46
Kesheena writes another amazing zine, this time about Powwow's and shares her experiences going to them as a child. She discusses traveling to different parts of the country attending different powwow's, the different style s that different tribes have and her families participation. This zine is a display of how the per-zine can be so many different things! Highly recommend! Also included is a Powwow mix CD!

Going Places: A Native American in Education $3.00 Shipping: $0.46

A reflection on college life - including frustrations, disillusionment, hopes, and direction - and how Kesheena's identity as a Navajo woman has shaped her college experience. Touches on family, assimilation, the "responsibility to get an education to uplift / better one's tribe," expectations, language, punk, feminism, and pride. Poignant, well written& raw text-heavy reflections and poems.

Gut: $3.00 Shipping $0.46

In this zine Sayuri writes about her personal struggle with using food as a coping mechanism for trauma. She shares her experiences with fat-phobia as a child, standing up to school yard bulllies, battling anorexia and resisting self-hate. Also included is a mini interview with her mother about body image. Sayuri knows how to put together a short, though provoking zine that engages your heart and mind.

Check it out NOW!