Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land

This compilation zine was done with the intent to distribute through the United States and Germany through travels and touring. It was in the hope that it informs people of things that are going on in “Australia”, that they might not have heard about before. There are also immigration nightmares, heinous treatment of refugees, poor conditions in detention centres, institutional and casual racism, but they are not the focus of this compilation. Please research if you want to know more.
The focus of this is the six years of the Northern Territory Intervention and its wider context of systemic displacement, dispossession and genocide of Aboriginal people in Australia. Since colonisation, the Australian Government has been responsible for acts such as the White Australia Policy, and the Stolen Generations, which has been recognised as genocide by international bodies. There are significant disparities in statistics regarding deaths in custody, health, life expectancy, literacy, education, income, welfare, and housing.


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