Art Life: Musings and Advice from a Queer Art Activist of Color

Can I just say that I fucking love Nia King! This zine is the perfect guide for folks trying to live off of their creations. Nia writes about how she quit her job at a full time non-profit job to become a self self-employed art activist and freelance professional. Nia shares all of the wisdom she has gained over the course of the year in this witty, entertainng and informative zine. Great advice on how to present and get your work noticed, how to social effectively use social media, Dos and don'ts, how to treat people you are interviewing and so much more. This zine is a reminder to value the work that you do and to not feel ashamed about needing money. Easy to read. nG

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"This zine is a mix of personal writing, advice on making a living as an artist, reviews of my friends' zines and interviews with writers like Mat Johnson (Pym, Incognegro), Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese, Boxers & Saints),and Joyce Hatton (Think About the Bubbles). Half-sized (8.5 x 5.5). Black and white."


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