From Me to We

"FROM ME TO WE: this is about me and you, a comprehensive, messy, trauma-informed zine project about relationship building, about US building a relationship together" ~a cute multicolored zine by HT (@ha_nt) from richmond of sick ass collective SOFT WEB ~ skillbuilding on trauma, coping mechanisms, freedom XOXO highly recommended
FROM WE TO WELL in series with "from me to we" comes "from we to well" -- how can we best support ourselves, while supporting others in our communities? how do we get to justice, mutual support, and collective liberation? this multicolored zine engages with trauma / coping skills , accessing healing resources, supporting others ~ "how should people treat each other? what should the world look like? what do i respect in myself and other people?" ~ from @ha_nt of SOFT WEB collective in richmond va <3


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