Girl Power: Lesson Plans for Feminist Educators

Girl Power: Lesson Plans for Feminist Educators This zine documents the lesson plans for "girl power," a curriculum designed by Brenda Montanzo, taught to 4th graders at Flynn Elementary in 2015 to build feminist thought in kids. The course culminated in girl power! our voices' zine as the final project, which reflected on the 7 week elective that tackled issues such as: building trust, gender, film and music, body image, our bodies and our minds, zine making, girl hate, etc. The course was also taught to encourage students to become involved with Females Against Violence, a 6-month peer education and leadership program for in-risk Latina and other youth of color. Girl Power was successful, and hopes to be implemented else where to "encourage other educators/peoples to step out of the standardized box and introduce the next generations as early as possible to thoughts of feminism, of patriarchy, of gender equality, body shaming, of community, trust, power, and love."


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