Mad Mulatta Series

Mad Mulatta
The cover states: A PerZine about glasses, food, feminism, insomnia, milk, hair, mixed ethnicity, and angry feelings. Brittany finds fun and funny ways to analyze these topics and adds cute and sweet drawings to the mix. This zine is like getting to hang out with Brittany and have tea and lively conversation. Perfect Spring-time zine!

Mad Mulatta #2
Brittany brings another zine full of cute and smart observations about glasses, hair, zine fests, religion, bras, feminism/womanism, feelings and the internet. This zine is a space where Brittany explores her body and thoughts in a way that is fierce but not triggering defining a new way to write a per zine. She shares the history and evolution of her hair as she ages and navigates new homes and at times difficult feelings.


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