Muchacha Fanzine Series

Muchacha #5: Brown Queen Latina Voices of the 21st Century This is a quarterly fanzine that “seeks to: promote the ‘F’ word feminism, encourage involvement in DIY music/art communities and inspire participation in grassroots activism.”These are stories, poems, and conversations on race, sex, sexuality, and class that are taking place outside of higher education and must be valued equally, if not more. Some are in English, some are in Spanish, some are Spanglish. There is code-switching and slang, which is highly appreciated and something I am surprised I don’t see more often. These stories span across gender, class, language, and geographic lines. Highlights include an interview with the artist Cristy C. Road, a personal heroine of mine.

Muchacha #6: The Case of the San Antonio Four & Other Legal Injustices
Another thoughtful zine gem from Daisy Salinas focused on the San Antonio 4. Details the case of four Latina Lesbians wrongfully accused sexually abusing two young girls. Critiques about the criminal justice system that convicted these women without sufficient evidence, incongruent witness testimonials, with homophobia and the satanist scare as factors. Also pieces about Aileen Wuornos' trial, a piece about the feminist porn debate and dealing with transphobia while attempting to navigate the legal system and documentation.

Muchacha #7: The Coalition Edition Daisy Salinas begins her intro asking, "how can we work with our differences in new ways? How can we dismantle systems of oppression together?" and continues to evaluate her journey and positionality as a Latina feminist academic, and the power of deconstructing androcentric (and Anglo-centric) activist writing. This edition of Muchacha includes essays and interviews writing on varying subjects, from healthcare to house music to immigration. This zine is text heavy, filled with lengthy essays, some written with an academic approach. Definitely recommended for theory lovers and critical activists!

"We build critical coalitions not only because of its enhanced potential for favorable outcomes, but also because the process of coalition-building itself changes each of us. It is a process, small and large, of building a community. It may contribute to the end of sweatshops, the dismantling of white racism, the eradication of sexism and homophobia. Or it may not. The process nonetheless allows us to know and define ourselves, our friends, and in turn our visions of a just society."

Muchacha #8 Nuestros Cuerpos
As Texas residents, we, along with millions of others across this country and the world, are negatively affected as our bodies becomes a battleground for conservatives to dictate". Muchacha is a zine from Texas that compiles notes from the negative legislation that affect Texan women, and the writers desire coalitions of people banning together who are fighting for bodily autonomy. This zine was released at the benefit for the second Femme Fest, a festival that raised money for the Cicada Collective, a local group of reproductive justice organizers. The zine includes reflections of attending talks on reproductive justice, poetry, statistics about access to abortion and birth control, and passages by academics and activists, such as Emma Goldman, and even satirical lyrics challenging Governor of Texas Rick Perry.

Muchacha #9: Body Positivity
"For anyone who is ever struggling to love themselves."
I wish I had this zine when I was a teenager. So fucking real - what does mainstream white feminist screams of "LOVE YRSELF!!!" and 'body positivity' mean to those who are told our bodies are inherently not beautiful? This issue of a Muchacha tackles how queer brown folx can unlearn hating our bodies, and how we can "resist against those that operas our bodies and reclaim body positivity for ourselves" - and learn to radically love ourselves. Get a copy of Muchacha #9 for your best pal, for your lil siblings and your mom, for the asshole who made you doubt yourself, get two copies for yourself <3

Muchacha #10 Muchacha Presents: Celebrando Selena
"This 30 page zine anthology is meant to celebrate and honor the life and legacy of Selena. Through stories, essays, poetry, and visual art, this zine illustrates the important ways that Selena has made an impact on our lives forever."
Muchacha 11 Presents- POC SOLIDARITY is issue #11 of Daisy Salinas' Muchacha series, she writes in the intro that she "feel(s) more and more POC are beginning to realize that our freedom is tied to each other's- we are not free until we are all colonized peoples, it is important that we lift each other up." this zine is a "call out to POC that we need to heal and help heal the wounds of each other. we need to acknowledge our different histories while collectively moving forward. we need to decolonize our internalized racism. we need to use our privilege in productive ways. we need to help each other dismantle oppressive systems." thank you, daisy, and all the other writers who submitted, for putting out yet another critical compilation

Muchacha #12: Decolonize Travel Yet another beautiful zine edited by the wondrous Daisy Salinas! "Muchacha Issue #12 “Decolonize Travel” : Decolonizing travel means to challenge and resist the mainstream travel culture that reinforces colonial oppression. In this 45 page issue you will find essays, poetry, photography, visual art, short stories, and a comic all related to socially conscious traveling! Themes range from ethical travel practices, colonialist tourism, western/white savior complex, diaspora, indigeneity, racism, colorism, identity/privilege, imperialism, cultural reconnection, reimagining travel, and more. This zine is for anyone interested in reflecting on ways to resist colonialist traveling all while examining their own role as travelers."


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