Scream Queens Magazine

Scream Queens Magazine might be my favorite zine I've picked up. Originally a pirate radio program, Scream Queens "seems to embolden voices from the margins to create an ongoing dialogue that challenges the dominant culture. We put forth the effort to document the process of this struggle through the cultural outputs of artists, musicians, writers, and theorists. We are not looking for a seat at the table, but the smash the table entirely, to envision and exist in a world without the need for one. Our goal is to center and elevate the rage, sadness, truths, and nuances of queers, POC, hysterics, and freaks who want to attack and resist this white-cis-hetero-patriarchal world with us."

Scream Queens Magazine is over 100 pages and was published fall 2016. Listen to Scream Queens weekly at scream queens

Much love to these freaky dragonettes doing the damn thing.


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