Skinned Heart Series

Skinned Heart #5: This zine is a very quick read all about how it feels to deal with mental health at the onset of winter. Not written from a political point of view but more of a stream of consciousness during a rough time. All about dealing with being bi-polar and how it feels to fall apart and attempt to keep it together. Mini collage poster in the middle of the zine.

Skinned Heart #6
"Skinned Heart Seis is a zine that discusses xiamara chupaflor's relationship to her father and the prison-industrial complex, how being a fierce woman of color is often interpreted as "abusiveness" or "craziness" and co-opted by white women, and how "We don't always exist in relation to the white world." Xiamara chupaflora writes about her personal growth in powerful anecdotes while also tying in historical policies that have created the struggles she has to navigate. For anyone who also has a father in prison and has had a complicated/rocky relationship with him, this is a necessary zine with storytelling that hits you hard in the corazón/heart to heal our unshared stories."


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