Sober queers do exist

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM JULY 2020: a few years ago BROWN RECLUSE sold an anthology zine that @/clementinemorrigan clementinemorrigan co-wrote w a POC that we ended up selling bc so many of the included-stories were by writers of color. clementinemorrigan has a HUGE platform to which they are capitalizing off of, and are now blocking trans people of color, as well as polite white folks reaching out to talk to them. Perhaps they should read some of their own writing on accountability, boundaries, etc. Or maybe just stop posting white thirst traps while the whole world is crumbling around them... Don't DM Us about this. We are NOT asking for an ousting or punishment, we are DEMANDING reallocation of capital/power/access. Give it Up, Clementine! If you are a black writer that writes on accountability, boundaries, polyamory, abolition, PLEASE reach out to us at : we will print, assemble, distribute, and sell your zine and give u 100% of the profits ! --from BROWN RECLUSE'S PUBLIC INSTAGRAM PAGE,

SOBER QUEERS DO EXIST Edited by Clementine Morrigan and Faith this first submissions-based issue of Sober Queers Do Exist provides a multi-layered and meaningful reflection on various experiences within the queer sober community. This zine “is a collection of writings by queer and trans people on the topic of sobriety. It creates a space for sober queers to tell their stories, while remaining committed to respecting people’s diverse relationships to substance use.” Each personal narrative lists out content warnings as they delve into complex subjects such as: substance use and addiction, suicidal ideation and self-harm, and emotional and physical abuse. The narratives are powerful in their honesty and open up space for important and necessary dialogues. It serves as an important reminder that you always have a community behind you.


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