The Tyranny of Civility: The Choice Between Black Liberation and White Comfort

The Tyranny of Civility is a series of essays that explores respectability politics, tone policing and other forms of civility that are used against POC within both larger society and social justice circles. Text-heavy, thoughtful and necessary conversations that need to be read by all activists struggling for liberation.

From Marc's intro:
"This series of essays are focused primarily on the use of “civility” as a social/cultural norm in the context of nonviolent revolutionary struggles in the U.S. I’m not interested in discussing the “merits” of revolutionary nonviolence vs. other forms of struggle for liberation and survival that might not easily wear that label in this series, but specifically in how “civility” is used by those with more social power to characterize some forms of nonviolent struggle and resistance to oppression by folks with less social power in U.S. society as “divisive,” “counterproductive,” and even most ironically, “racist.” Such characterizations, I’ll argue, serve to only further silence and marginalize oppressed folks in radical communities and maintain systems of privilege and power, while claiming to create a more “neutral” and equal space for all."


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