Transmission: Hot Trans People Not Giving a Fuck

Transmission: Hot Trans People Not Giving a Fuck“This zine is for all the souls and the hearts capsulated in the bodies that have been damaged by colonization and oppressive structures used to uphold capitalism”
Bee, a genderqueer POC feminist, writes an accessible first zine for & about marginalized, erased identities and bodies, focused on deconstructing gender + sex, giving voice to trans experiences. The intro remarkably engages readers to ‘fill in the blanks’ with their own definitions and concepts, such as intersectionality, privilege, sex, gender, heterosexism, cissexism, cont., shifting responsibility and agency and giving merit in self-education. So sick. Text and graphic heavy, but an important read ~ includes poems, titles such as "Why Being Trans Has Nothing to Do With Cis People," and one spectacular list of Ten Things They're Tired Of. Bee also shares their personal experience of coming out to their mom, as well as documenting their process of defining presentation for themselves. Written with realness and an owned fierceness, but also a friendly, relatable sweetness. I would especially recommend this to younger folks for it's accessibility!

part two:::
the second edition of our beloved Daniel TRANSMISSION - we loved the first TRANSMISSION HOT TRANS PEOPLE NOT GIVING A FUCK for its accessibility & the second is even more accessible in its conversational, inviting tone. includes lots of sick drawings of all body types alongside lists on loving queer trans people & self love as a QTPOC, as well as rants abt being misgendered, cis scum, & 'bathroom blues' -- Highly recommended!!


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