Trump Reminds Me of My Rape

This zine begins with the definition of "dissociate" and the sentence: "here I've collected moments that haunt me along with the imagines that calmed me"
Trump Reminds Me of My Rape is a survivor's personal history of sexual assault and the complex nature of maintaining family relationships as a rape survivor. The author donates proceeds of this zine to Planned Parenthood.

The author included a letter of submission explaining she handed out this zine to everyone who responded, "me too," to her sign that read Trump Reminds Me of My Rape at the Women's March. Trump in office makes living as a survivor of sexual assault, rape, and abuse that much more difficult when we see that the so called President's misogyny and violent words are further normalized. This zine is extremely powerful, and although they are her vignettes from various ages; it is hauntingly and unfortunately relatable. Thank you, Ifer, for sharing yourself.


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