Vital Signs Series

Vital Signs #1: Rachel candidly writes about her experiences and her reasons for taking a break from nursing school. She shares with the reader her struggles with her sleeping disorder and her life as a college student in general. I truly appreciate this zine as it focuses on her life, which is inherently a Brown experience, without highlighting the white gaze at all. A refreshing perspective on the struggle of keeping it together while being in school. Short and Sweet!

Vital Signs #2: Another zine from Rachel about being a nursing student and where she is headed, currently. She addresses stereotypes about nursing being seen as a typically female vocation and unnecessary commentary from doctors and other people. Through her unique and accessible approach Rachel illustrates her vastly different encounters she has had with her liberal arts college versus her community college. There are so many personal stories and valid points of view packed into this tiny little zine, definitely worth picking up!

Vital Signs #3
After moving to NYC after not getting into a fitting nursing program, Rachel focuses the third issue of Vital Signs to be about her experience adjusting to life in New York city, the quick stint of being a receptionist at a 5th avenue cosmetic surgeon's office, unemployment, and the daunting, exhausting process of job hunting in the city. Rachel writes with wit, hilarity, and striking honesty of the post-graduate struggle.


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