What to Keep / What to Give Away SERIES

What to Keep What to Give Away
Khristina shares with us the most intimate details of deconstructing her romantic relationships in terms of “both privileges and oppressions, both internalized and systematic." Khristina says the things about herself that, I think, most people can't say. She admits the hard shit that we don't want to examine about ourselves. She candidly talks about struggling with sex “addiction” and talks about her problematic behavior as well as others. I connected with these a lot and hope that it inspires other folks to do the hard work that is necessary to have the healthy relationships that we want to have with ourselves and others. (Trigger warning)

Khristina begins What to Keep / What to Give Away #2 explaining that she writes to commune with others, and encourages other POC to add to the narratives of underrepresented folks and their experiences. Khristina writes beautifully, with sharp honesty, about sex and relationships with others and with herself; she reveals her contradictions, traumas, resiliencies, and survival tactics. She acknowledges her own faults and shortcomings, which is so relatable, refreshing, and truly commendable and inspiring. This zine explores interpersonal relationships, celibacy, anxiety + depression, consent + accountability, decolonial love + white supremacy, codependence + serial dating, body image + race/gender, abuse + trauma, silence + memory. Khristina has a way with words that kept me setting this zine down to really analyze myself, my past, and my relationships, sparking much needed reflection and conversations – highly recommended - text heavy self reflections over a lovely lunar graphic theme, included trigger warnings.


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