White Man's Burden

White Man's Burden is a zine for and by young Pilipinx engaged in the American diaspora and deals with confronting the continuing colonial conflict in the Philippine psych and the historical erasure associated with that process. WMB exposes the vulnerability in cultural pride, identity, and the burden to Americanize.
In the first issue of WMB, contributors share stories on their cultural food, diasporic feelings, lost history, relationships with Pinxy families, among others. WMB aims to evoke a collective, conscious Pilipinx identity.
"We have been silent for too long, forced to be complacent. This zine seeks to rectify and decolonize ourselves through sharing our experiences and artwork."

60% of the WMB funds are donated to the Filipino American Library, in process of relocating in Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles. For more info & to contribute to future issues of WMB, visit http://whitemansburdenzine.tumblr.com/


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