frequently asked questions

Why did you start BRZD? 

Brown Recluse Zine Distro was created to support and center zines written predominantly by people of color; this project was born out of passion for zines and frustration at the lack of representation and meaningful zine material for people of color. 


Who runs this distro? 

BRZD was founded as a solo project in summer '13 in Seattle, WA after the POC Zine Project's Race Riot Tour, and collectivized in 2015. we read submissions, run social media, send out all orders, write descriptions, table events around the country, answer emails, hustle money, and deal with all the day to day operations. 

As of fall 2016, elena adopted the distro and the headquarters moved to olympia, wa ! we are always looking for folks to become collective members!  volunteer, intern, hang out at events with us!


I messaged you on Facebook. Why haven't you replied?

Our facebook for announcements, updates, and sharing cute zine pictures. Please email for all inquiries!

Do you wholesale zines?

No. If you see something you like that you want to table, distribute, display, reference or teach from please contact individual writers directly. Zine writers agree to have BRZD distribute their zines to individuals. If you attempt to order more than 2 copies per title, your order will be cancelled and refunded.


But I don't have a paypal! How can I order? 

BRZD will take your USD cash or money order via snail mail. Please review the orders page.

Is there anyway I can get zines from you in person?

A brick & mortar Brown Recluse Infoshop&Resource center would be a dream, but for now - you get zines "IRL" from BRZD thru the events, fundraisers, shows, zine fests, etc. that we table ( check our updates for upcoming locations). You can also find select BRZD titles at these physical locations.


donations & goals

Whenever you donate to Brown Recluse Zine Distro you are supporting writers and artists of color. BRZD is able to add new zines to the distro and keep current zines stocked. BRZD also prints a lot of titles directly, preserving our stories and keeping them in circulation.

The zine community mirrors dominant white culture in a lot of ways, centralizing white voices and creating platforms for that forget about POC contributions. Visibility and representation are so important.

BRZD has been able to go on tour with POCZP, table at zine fests, and make donations to budding zine libraries. All of this has been done with the support of donations and purchases!

$$$ - 

Financially, all of our money goes directly to zine writers and to continuing the distro.

 1st Goal is to continue to buy and print zines to keep the distro well stocked and affordable. BRZD wants to remain an affordable and accessible project to everyone.

2nd goal is to make a paper catalog available for free to increase accessibility to folks who do not have access to the internet. This would make the distro available to a variety of communities including those incarcerated.

3rd goal is to make the entire catalog available to incarcerated trans folks and women for free.

4th goal is to be able to help folks set up zine libraries in communities that serve People of Color. This means sending one copy of every zine in the catalog to existing zine libraries or those starting zine libraries nationally and internationally.

5th goal is to distribute free politically-relevant zines with all on-line orders (for example, we have given copies of Lil' Dope Fiend about overdose prevention and a NoDAPL zine about the water protectors in North Dakota).


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