Your Snail Mail order should include:

  •  List of zines you wish to order and a secondary list of zines in case some zines are sold out before your request reaches BRZD.

  • Well concealed cash (U.S.D.) or money order No checks.

  • Shipping Address

  • Do not order zines that are temporarily sold out.

  • Three or more zines please include $6.45 for shipping.

  • If your order does not include the following I will send you back your payment and order.


 - snail mail orders to - 

brown recluse zine distro

PO Box 22281

Oakland, CA 94623

old school order

online ordering

large orders

we are honored that BRZD has been receiving so many large orders for bookstores, libraries, infoshops.

we do wish that if you are ordering for these sorts of places to please include or display BRZD fliers & to please e-mail us with a bit about your location.


we also ask that you do not order more than 3 copies per title, *especially* if it is for resale, we are not a wholesale distributor and those inquires should be directed to individual writers, im happy to put you in contact.

all sales are final

questions? review our FAQ or send an e-mail to


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