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Summer Vacation

Hi BRZD supporters! Elena and Nyky have decided to take a summer vacation from the distro to have some fun, deal with life, and re-prioritize what we want this distro to look like and how to make it better. So we will be closing down the store for the summer to re-stock, clean up, re-imagine and reorganize the distro. 

If you have sent submissions recently, please be patient. We will be in touch over the summer to order and collaborate. 

I rarely respond to facebook messages via the BRZD page. Please email all questions and inquiries to:

Thanks for your continued support! We are looking forward to getting back to the grind come fall!

Spring Updates

Three new zines are in the shop: 
 Hoy Babae from Sam of WHITE MAN'S BURDEN 
 Brown People for Black Power from Brown and Proud Press 

Elena, one half of BRZD, will be on punk vacation/merch baby for the majority of March through the Midwest, SW, Mexico, and West Coast. She'll be bringing select titles from the shop to sell at shows and at Everything is Not OK fest - find her on social media to keep up on where she is at ;) Come out & buy zines from the Traveling Brown Recluse Mini Distro, and say hi!

two new zines are stocked in the shop!

Two new zines we’re very excited about are now stocked on Brown Recluse Zine Distro ! Reserve your copies, these are going to go fast!

White Man’s Burden Issue #1, $5.00 “We have been silent for too long, forced to be complacent. This zine seeks to rectify and decolonize ourselves through sharing our experiences and artwork.“ 

White Man’s Burden is a zine for and by young Pilipinx engaged in the American diaspora and deals with confronting the continuing colonial conflict in the Philippine psych and the historical erasure associated with that process. WMB exposes the vulnerability in cultural pride, identity, and the burden to Americanize. In the first issue of WMB, contributors share stories on their cultural food, diasporic feelings, lost history, relationships with Pinxy families, among others. WMB aims to evoke a collective, conscious Pilipinx identity. 60% of the WMB funds are donated to the Filipino American Library, in process of relocating in Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles. For more info & to contribute to future issues of WMB, visit

The 2015 Baltimore Uprising: A Teen Epistolary, $7.00.
A compilation of tweets from teens during the Baltimore Uprising. Important and powerful. Compiled by Research and Destroy.

Happy Holidays from Brown Recluse!

Tis' the season that zines orders are piling in! Zines make great gifts for yourself and others!

We have restocked the Distro! Hang tight if the zine you desire is still sold out, we have reordered and are getting titles in the mail everyday. 

Our Big Cartel had a lil make over & was alphabetized to hopefully make it more user friendly for ordering - let us know how it looks!
BRZD pre-ordered Brown People for Black Power, a zine about confronting anti-blackness in our communities, by Moonroot Collective and Brown and Proud Press. We also ordered the newly compiled On Struggling 1 and 2 and more On Struggling 3! We still have a few copies of these left in the Distro but you can get the new comp and the split zine mid December!  We have also restocked Black Women and Self Care, Hairy Femme Mother and Secondhand Emotion in the Distro! 

In the shop in the next few days, we'll have three more zines we're very excited about: our boo Ari's La Bola de Cristal #3, a collab zine on Filipino diaspora called "White Man's Burden Issue #1" (pssst- elena is one of the contributors!), and Research and Destroy's "The 2015 Baltimore Uprising: A Teen Epistolary," a zine entirely made up of Tweets documenting the days of local teens in Baltimore after Freddy Gray's murder. 

Shout out to the Night Crush Seattle party crew who made purchasing and copying zines this month extra easy by donating a percentage of the door! Night Crush is a Poc Centered queer dance party in the first Saturday of every month in Seattle! Thanks for the support!

Self care is buying yourself something to deal with the how hard it is to deal with the holidays. Buy nothing today or buy something because there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Buy something tomorrow or buy something for someone who could use a pick me up. #treatyoself #nobodylovesyoulikeyoudo #treatothers

Webstore Back Open! OZF 2015 & Bitch Media

Just kidding, y'all! We said our webstore would be closed for a bit - but it's live! 

Thank you everyone who came out to Olympia Zine Fest: we sold out of almost every thing we brought and connected with lots of amazing folks. As a result, we are working on restocking the zines after our success at OZF! 

More exciting news: Brown Recluse Zine Distro was featured on Bitch Media! Nyky wrote an article for "Cut & Paste," a column of Bitch highlighting zines and small press publications, featuring, of course, zine writers of color. 

Nyky highlights some of her favorite zines that Brown Recluse Zine Distro carries, saying her favorite zine writers are “ones who evoke a deep connection between themselves and the reader through unique lived experiences.” What to Keep, What to Give Away, Going Places, Hairy Femme Mother, Small Bikes Big Trees, and Vital Signs are all reviewed.  

“My love affair with zines began at one of the loneliest moments of my life.

Eight years later I was looking for zines that mirrored my experiences as a queer punk woman of color. I browsed zine distros, a distribution source for independently published writing, and found that many of them carried the same handful of POC zine writers. We are more than half the world population; there must be more than 10 of us writing zines! The next day, I started Brown Recluse Zine Distro, dedicated to centering the voices of POC zine writers.“

Olympia Zine Fest and Updates

Hey everyone! BRZD will be tabling at the first ever Olympia Zine Fest. Come visit us and check out all of the bad ass zines we have in our catalog! Our bags are packed and we are excited!

During OZF the online store will be closed. We will reopen mid-November just in time for all of your holiday orders!

We're Back & With Lots of Goodies!

Thanks for your patience while the webstore was closed - Olympia Hardcore Fest was such a blast & we're excited to return to the capitol this fall for Oly Zine Fest!

NEW TO THE STORE: super excited about this update - up & ready for purchase are Black Women & Self Care: Thoughts on Mental Health, Oppression & Healing, Transmission Part Two, Touring with Mental Illness & Please Tell Me About Myself: brown sugar // not for your consumption!

We have restocked Cats Hate Cops, Comminque of an Ex-Cop, Transmission, Slander, Ain't Shit, riceball, The First 7" Was Better, Musings of a Jook-Sing, What to Keep What To Give Away #2, and Moonroot Collective's MoonRoutes & It Sucks to Be Robbed.
ALSO! Nia King will be in Seattle this Saturday August 29th reading from  Queer and Trans Artists of Color: Stories of Some of Our Lives at Left Bank Books. 
Nyky & other BRZD faves are also reading this event- we hope to see you there. For more info, peep the FB event page:

Store Closed until August 13, 2015

Hey Everyone! We will be tabling at Olympia Hardcore Fest this weekend! The online store will be closed until next week. Thanks and hope to see you there!

New Additions and Restock!

Look at what we just got in!  New to the catalog and our 100th zine in out distro is Muchacha #10: Celebrando Selena! Also new, riceball, Muchacha#7: Colaition Building, Muchacha #9: Body Positivity and Girl Power: Lesson Plans for Feminist Educators. We also restocked Muchacha #6 and #8!

Just Added and Ready to add to your Zine Library!

BRZD is excited to add Secondhand Emotion by Cassandra to the catalog this week! 
We also restocked Volumes 1-4 of Please Tell Me More about Myself by the MiXed Collective, Fix My Head 3-5 interviews by Anna Vo, Malcriada by Suzy X and Bros Fall Back!  Treat yourself!!!!! Coming Soon: Hairy Femme Mother by Jen Venegas (not pictured), Pata by Rachel of Vital Signs, New Muchacha's, Girl Power: Lesson Plans for Feminist Educators and Please Tell Me More About Myself: brown sugar // not for yr consumption.

Summer Updates 2015!

BRZD is updating the store, adding brand new zines and making the rounds tabling events and fests. The most exciting news is that BRZD is officially a collective now! Two minds, perspectives and efforts are better than one! The store is updated and all of the links are fixed and functioning.

You can find us tabling at the Portland Zine Symposium July 18-19 2015 and Olympia Hardcore Fest August 8-9 2015. We have also been tabling randomly at events last minute so stay updated on our facebook and tumblr pages for info about last minute tabling and local zine events.

We added five new zines to the catalog with a bunch more being added in the coming weeks Now available Profile This! by the MiXed Colective, Ain't Shit #2 by Peter Sterling, Going Places: A Native American in Education by Kesheena Doctor, Vital Signs #3 by Rachel Casiano and Pander Mafia: a 20 year anniversary tribute zine put together by Mimi Thi Nguyen. Stayed tuned for more updates!

Spring 2015 Updates

Brown Recluse Zine distro finally has it's first volunteer! Elena, Queer Punk Pinay Princess, is the perfect Virgo fit to whip this distro into shape. She loves theory but hates "ivory tower" academia and fins that zines are the perfect medium to disseminate all that jargon filled theory in accessible ways. You can follow her on tumblr:

Brown Recluse Zine Distro has signed up to table at a few zine fests. You can find us at ACRL conference in Portlandat the end of March, Long Beach Zine Fest in April, Chicago Zine Fest in May and Olympia Zine Fest in October. BRZD is hoping to return to NOCAZ this year as well the Portland Zine Symposium.  

Holy Shit, new zines finally! We will be adding these titles to the distro over the next few weeks as zine bundles arrive in the mail. Available now: La Bola de Cristal #2 written by Ari Perezdiez; Women of the Pacific written by Jennifer Vehia; Meals without Measure written by Brittany Couch of Mad Mulatta, with contributors Mary aka Stella Marisse, Johnny, Aaron and Shayla. Cooking with Mama: A Soul Food Cooking Zine written by Patricia Jones. 
Coming Soon: Please Tell Me More About Myself: The Educational System written by the Mixed Collective; Empower Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself: Native American Feminist Musings written by: Melanie Fey and Amber McCrary; It Sucks to be Robbed written by the MoonRoot Collective and hopefully Fractured//Enigmas written by Geoff. Updates will be made via facebook and tumblr! Thanks for the continued support!

We Are Back Open! Fall 2014 Updates!

BRZD is back open and has a ton of new and exciting titles for yo ass!!!  We are at 86 zines and counting in the distro and BRZD will be heading to New Orleans for the New Orleans Comic and Zine Fest in November. 

New Additions to the distro!: Constantly Coming Out: An Interview with Juba Kalamka By Nia King, Grief by Joyce Hatton, Going Places 1 and 2 by Kesheena Doctor, Librarians and Archivist to Palestine a collaboration with Just Seeds, Mad Mulatta #2 by Brittany Couch, Moon Root #3, Muchahcha: Nuestras Cuerpos, Philosophactivism: Queerbomb Issue, Please Tell Me All About Myself #1 and #2 the dating a relationship issue, Punk by Mimi Thi Nguyen and Golnar Nikpour, Slash Em Up #6 & 7, Small Bikes Big Trees by Benji Rouse and Jen Chen, When  the White Man Gives You Money by Nia King, and Communique from an Ex Cop by Christopher Dorner and published by Research and Destroy. Also back in circulation, Ain't Shit  by Peter Sterling and of course Cats Hate Cops.

Thanks for the continuous support and love! I do this for you!

 Portland Zine Symposium and Updates

Portland Zine Symposium was a blast. I tabled with Ari ( La Bola de Cristal and Maximum Rock and Roll) my partner in crime and the lovely Anna Vo (Fix My Head, The Swan &the Vulture). I got to spend time getting to know my favorit zine writers and distro owners and made a bunch of new friends! Two days of zines and amazing people! I am so full of inspiration and motivation.

An unfortunate side effect of the PDX Zine Symposium is that a lot of zines are out of stock. Over the next week I will busy at re-stocking the distro with the usual and fresh zines! I will also be updating the site with links to rad projects and friends of the distro as well as an FAQ. If there are any questions you would like answered or a link that you think that I should include feel free to send em via email.

Help Brown Recluse Out!

A few months ago Brown Recluse Zine Distro was able to donate one of every zine carried in the distro to Alvar Library located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Through BRZD's donation they were able to start their zine library. BRZD was able to donate due to the financial support offered from our friends. They recently sent this postcard with a picture of the library! I was so excited to see what it looks like.

We have also been able to pay off debts and been able to print zines for zine fests. Fortunately BRZD is mainly self sustaining and is able to keep up with orders and keeping the current stock full.

BRZD will be heading to the Portland Zine Symposium in July. I am excited to take the distro out of the suitcase and share it with the folks again.
Unfortunately we have quite a few zines waiting in the wings to be added to the distro and BRZD could use some help 1) Accepting new submissions and 2) printing zines and getting them to Portland Zine Symposium this July.

Thanks for the continued support and love! <3BRZD

(CLick the postcard to donate to BRZD. We have some great incentives.)

New to Brown Recluse

Dudes! I just added Cats Hate Cops and Communique from an Ex-Cop by Christopher Dorner (I am totally getting put on a list if I am not already on one.) published by Research and Destroy. If you have not had a chance to check out the distro recently Bros Fall Back, What to Keep and What to Give Away, Gut and Peace is Not Real But the Fight is are also now available! Coming soon Muchacha # 8: Nuestros Cuerpos and Philosophactivism #2.

BRZD has recently re-stocked a bunch of sold out zines and there are still more that need to be rre-stocked. We have mainly been good keeping up with cash flow and restocking but BRZD could definitely use some help re-stocking for the upcoming Portland Zine Symposium. So if you got a few bucks to spare consider helping keep BRZD well stocked, running and supporting zines written by people of color.

Other Updates: Nia King is no longer printing Angry Black White Girl and MXD so they will no longer be in stock.

Chicago Zine Fest! Distro Updates!

Chicago Zine Fest was quite possibly the best time that I have ever had traveling out of town with the distro! I got to meet so many zine writers who share their work with this BRZD, picked up so many new zines for the distro and got to hang out with some of my favorite people.

The UIC Rough Cut event was the most wholesome fun I have ever had. I got to meet folks who run BRZD's sister distro, NO SHAME distro. Osa Atoe facilitated aproductive panel that I got to take part in called "Zines, Punk and Reclamation" that gave me months worth of thoughts.  Suzy Hex was so gracious and let BRZD squat her table. (Enjoy pics below)

New to the distro!: Slash Em Up 1-5, La Bola de Cristal, Truth or Consequences, Gut, Peace is Not Real but the Fight Is, The Swan The Vulture #5, What to Keep What to Give Away and Shotgun Seamstress #7.  Plus there are a few more zines on their way to BRZD!

Cristy C. Road is da Bomb!

Wow! My tour wife, Cristy C. Road made the official Brown Recluse Zine Distro logo! Check out her website! Show her some love and buy her books and art!

Distro Updates!

BRZD is on Hiatus until the distro and I return from the Rough Cut event put on by University of Illinois Chicago and Chicago Zine Fest! LAZF re-energized and inspired me around zines, writing and pumping new blood into BRZD! I learned a lot tabling for the first time at a zine fest

BRZD is adding a ton of new titles to the distro upon returning from CZF! Expect the following (not all pictured): The Spitboy Rule: Tales of a Female Punk Band by Michelle Gonzalez, Fix My Head #2 and #6 written by Anna Vo, Musings of a Jook-sing written by Diana Mai, Mad Mulatta by Brittany Couch, Trust the Knife by Joyce Hatton, Rise-Fall-and Repeat by Isidro de la Luna Fox, Profane and The Body is a Wild Wild Thing by Tomas Moniz, AND Shotgun Seamstress 1-6.5! And who knows what I'll return with from CZF! Do you have a zine you want to submit for consideration?

Los Angeles Zine Fest!

LAZF popped BRZD's zine fest cherry! Tabling was a lot of fun and work and I could not have done it without my beloved Ari! There were so many good distros there! I got to see Rosi who writes Not Straight Not White Not Male and she gave me some sweet zines and a flier for a Queer Punk Fest being organized in So Cal! I got to meet some of my favorite zine writers and connect with people with similar interests and dream about future collaborations. Neely (Mend My Dress), Ari (Maximum Rock n Roll) and I drove out to Muholland Drive and took pictures and looked at beautiful L.A. from there and got lost and had tea at a cafe and read and gushed about zines and shit. I couldn't have asked for a better time.

Thanks for all of the support! Mucho Amor BRZD!

P.S. Enjoy the pictures below from LAZF!

Updates and Treasures from Race Riot Tour

Hey Everyone!
So I am finally feeling a little more recovered from tour and ready to
update you all with all of the awesome zines that I picked up from POC
Zine Project tour members and rad folks that I met along the way as
well as new projects that BRZD will begin.
BRZD will be adding the following zines to the distro within the next
week! Descriptions need to be written and pictures taken! As soon as
they are available I will be making an announcement.
Fix My Head #3 and #4 (co-edited by Osa Atoe), Always Was and Always Will Be Aboriginal Land, The Swan The Vulture #3 and #4 all written by Anna Vo, touring member of POC Zine Project.

Panocha Platicas: A Guide to Healing Sex & Sexuality in Community,from the Chula Doula table ran by Pati Garcia.

#Art Life: Musings abd Advice from a Queer Activist of Color, Art School is Hell and We Are Not White Lesbians all written by Nia King, touring member of POC Zine Project.

Philosophactivism written by Toi Scott, touring member of the POC Zine Project.

Slander written and compiled by Mimi Thi Nguyen, touring member of the POC Zine Project.

BRZD will also be launching a crowd-funding campaign before the end of the month to help us reach the following goals. Brown Recluse Zine Distro is seeking support for a few reasons. The first goal is to continue to buy and print zines to keep the distro well stocked and affordable. BRZD wants to remain an affordable and accessible project to everyone.

The second goal is to make a  paper catalog available for free to increase accessibility to folks who do not have access to the internet.

The third goal is to make the entire catalog available to prisoners for free.

The fourth goal is to be able to help folks set up zine libraries in communities that serve People of Color. This means sending one copy of every zine in the catalog to existing zine libraries or those starting zine libraries nationally and internationally.

All funds garnered from this crowd-funding campaign will be applied directly to meeting these goals. For updates on new additions to the distro follow us on Tumblr, Facebook, or check out the website!
Thanks for your continued support and signal boosting!

New to the Distro!

Ain't Shit, On Struggling #3: Bodies and They Are Here With Us are recent additions to this rapidly growing distro. I couldn't be happier with the zines that I carry and all of the amazing writers I am getting to meet and support! 

They Are Here With Us is a zine that I have had in my personal zine collection for many years and feel very strongly about carrying. I printed without permission only because I was unable to get a hold of the creator and contributors. Femicide is still a real problem along the Texas-Mexico border. Please get it and share it!

Coming Soon Skinned Hear Numero Cinco y Skinned Heart Numero Seis! Debuting on tour and available on-line in November!

Help BRZD go on Tour

I will be joining the POCZP tour starting October 14, 2013 in Tucson, Arizona. I want to bring as many titles along as possible, but need help printing zines.  Interested in supporting this project? Please donate to our GoFundMe account. Thanks for your continued support!

Travel Update

I will be away from the shop! Any orders placed after today (September 16, 2013) will be shipped after September 27.  Thanks for your support and patience!


Welcome to the Brown Recluse Zine Distro website GRAND OPENING!!! This a site dedicated to centering zines written by People of Color. Brown Recluse Zine Distro's goal is to provide one place to find POC zines instead of spending forever on the internet. Learn more about this project in our about us section.

BRZD is sister distro with No Shame Distro, East Coast POC zine distro and partnered with the POC Zine Project. BRZD will soon begin carrying zines archived through POCZP.

I am going on tour with POCZP in October and would like to take the distro on the road with me. If you like what you see and would like to support BRZD please donate here!

Muchos Gracias BRZD!